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The biggest issue that people had in a relationship, especially if you live together, is that we have our daily routines or we have things to do at home or at work. Eventually, we forget to make time or connect with our partner.

If you are reading this article, there’s a good chance that you are looking for some advice on how to improve in your performance in bed or maybe, you’ve never been in bed with somebody before and you are looking for some guidance for your first time. Either way, we know that these resources can help you out!

Self-help Materials

There are plenty of self-help books and materials that are available to purchase online or in local bookstores to help you transform your sex life. Although these resources are not meant to be a substitute for therapy for sexual problems like sexual dysfunction, they can be an excellent source of information to empower and motivate readers.

Sex And Relationship Blogs

Search and browse sex and relationship blogs or websites to access a bunch of handy tips and advice about how to spice up your sex life and be a good lover. Some of the contents provided on these blogs are based from experience and thoughts of certified sex experts.


You can turn to books to get tips, tricks, and peeks on how to get better in bed. From novel books, to history and motivational books, they can give you a whole bunch of new ideas to test things out and enjoy the kind of sex you’ve never had before.

Online Community

If you wish to talk with sexual experts privately, there are tons of online community and forums that discuss about sex, relationships, and intimacy. These are useful resources that can offer advice, information, real experiences and referrals from people who have similar interests as you.