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Can’t get it hard enough? Honking on those cups too much? Faking the feeling of getting to the climax?

We all know that this activity between the sheets (or anywhere you wanted to) is a tag team, right? There are a number of factors in lacking the love-making satisfactionaside from the issues mentioned above and let’s get to the bottom of it, shall we?

When it comes to having sex, the size of the gent’s sword has always been the center of attention. The thing is that it does not happen all the time. Shout out to those who have a not-so-blessed weapon because you can bring in the line “Performance is more important than the size” for a solid defense.

For the ladies, might as well buy a new set of lingerie for the foreplay, discover how to play with balls or worse, you might be getting excited on the toys more than the ability of the boys.

In general, we have always aimed to get that bird angry to make the pussy happy. Remind you, not just happy but pleased.

To put an end to that orgasm-that-never-was, here are things that you need to learn from the sex gurus that you can thrust (ooops, trust). Learn by the books before you get satisfyingly hooked.

Sex Matters by OSHO

As the title says, sex matters to us. Osho deconstructed the sexual repression, layer by layerand the infliction on humans about the conviction of sex leading to pornography, perversion, and a innocence that aids in us in becoming complete and fulfilled.

See? Everyone is kinky in nature. No worries, we don’t judge.

Richer Together by Dr. Rob and Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

You will get inspired and be able to understand that a relationship has a business side as well as discussed in this book by twenty-three entrepreneurial couples.The teachings will get you both a relationship transformation that you have been eyeing for all this time.

Lend your ears (for free) to their helpful suggestions for a fruitful life in business and in love.

101 Nights of Great Sex by Laura Corn

Dubbed as “The Ultimate Sex Book for Couples,” this New York Times Bestseller (Waita sec, which is which, really?) paperbackcontains step-by-step manual to get a surefire turn on between you and your partner.

From erotic to romantic, name it ‘cause we have it!

Now, are you ready for some pumpin’ and grindin’ action all night and all day (if you wish)?